A-Designers-Life-By-Nicky-HaslamNow I just love a lunch and a launch but when an invite popped into my inbox to attend a drinks party celebrating Nicky Haslam’s new book ‘A designers life’ at the Ralph Lauren store on Bond Street I almost fell off my Queen Anne chair. I’ve always found Nicky a great inspiration with an incredible and distinct style that has features an abundance of fine antique furniture, chintz wallpaper and curtains made from the finest virgin silk worm saliva.

The evening started at 7pm and naturally I didn’t want to look too eager so I arrive at 7.02, friend Ian by my side and and a World of interiors tote slung over my Lanvin clad shoulder I was ready to meet my idol. Grabbing a glass of champagne for dutch courage we make our way to the stores lower ground where you are faced with the stunning Ralph Lauren interiors collection. I admit I was expecting a lot of navy plaid bedding but I couldn’t be more wrong, at the centre of the room was the most beautiful selection of antique silver and glass glistening in the romantically lit oak clad space.

Anyway before I get too carried away about tableware again as we all know how easy it is, lets get back to Nicky. Elegantly dressed and peacefully sat in the corner at an empire style desk, Nicky is laden with books ready to supply the hoards of fans and tweed clad clients whose drawing rooms in Chelsea are none other than Haslam shrines. I was very lucky to be sent a copy of the book by the publisher (Jacqui Small) and I felt it was a good idea to get this signed early or before the queue became reminiscent of the one at Selfridges first day of sale. Tapping Nicky’s PA on the shoulder whom I thankfully got introduced to via e-mail earlier that day I ask if she would be so kind as to introduce me, it was at that moment I knew that Nicky and I would become the best of friends taking trips to Klosters for a spot of lunch, antiques shopping in Paris and pawing through the latest issue of Living ETC over a feta stuffed olive… it was clear that the champagne went straight to my head and this was clearly never going to happen, but you never know.

Time for a selfie with Nicky

Time for a selfie with Nicky

Now that my book was signed I could take it home and enjoy its contents, and my goodness I did. Page after page it is essentially an archive of the work of Nicky Haslam with insights into his colourful and eventful life whether it be throwing shapes with Paris Hilton (no jokes) or just hanging out with Joan Collins on the set of Dynasty. It is no surprise that from day one Nicky was going to offer the interiors world the true meaning of theatre and style, yes it may not be to everyones taste but this book showcases the interior designers skill to mix and array of colours and styles both contemporary and period, it is also evident that in all of his commisions the client is always at the forefront of Nickys mind.

Throughout the book you are confronted with stunning visuals of Haslam’s work from initial sketch to its execution,  from designing the homes of celebrities and aristocrats, transforming some of the worlds most prestigous houses and hotels into works of art or simply being asked to dress the parties of society magazine Vanity fair, its all in here and spread over 287 glamorous pages that your coffee table is crying out for.

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