CUTLERY FROM UTILITYWho doesn’t just love a dinner party? Maybe I’m getting old but sitting around a beautifully dressed table with great food, great company and of course gallons of Chenin Blanc gets my vote every time. Gone are the days of catching the N47 night bus back home at 3am on a Tuesday morning, hugging the remains of a Filet-O-Fish. Instead welcome to the days of civilised (ish) evenings at home. Nobody needs a dining room reminiscent of the one in Downton Abbey, but as long as you have a table and some chairs then keep on reading.

Dressing a table for a special dinner can be lots of fun and can give away a lot about someones personality. There are so many great and exciting homeware brands out there these days producing stunning dining table wares, I’ve come up with a fool proof edit to get you started. Once you have these you’ll be getting creative and can start adding your own personal flares in no time.

A good dinner service is a great start and for SS14 The White Companyintroduced their new line of fine stoneware dining essentials consisting of your dinner plate, side plate and cereal bowl. Made in Portugal using a unique local clay renowned for its strength and resilience makes these a very welcome household addition, especially if you have a clumsy partner or housemate – you know who you are. This stylish collection which is sold individually starting at £10 is press moulded, giving a beautifully rustic shape and creating an elegant blank canvas for all of your other tableware treasures.

Needless to say good wine glasses are a must and grabbing a box of six from the local supermarket simply wont do. Graham & Green have been a favourite of mine for years, their carefully edited and curated home and dining collections are a treat for the eyes, and when their brochure drops through my letter box, don’t bother calling. Although they have a vast collection of glassware, I have decided to go for the classic ‘Emma’ range consisting of a heavy stem wine glass and water tumbler. Priced at £5.95 each, these durable beautifully crafted glasses are simple, sturdy and have the added benefit of being sold individually should there be the odd house party casualty.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I like to talk about Brighton a fair bit but I must tell you about a great little shop called Utility. A fantastic emporium of all things kitchen and dining located in Brighton’s North Lanes. I don’t expect everyone to jump on a train tomorrow to visit this place so it will be good for you to know that an extensive range of their instore product is available via their online shop – hooray!

Utility has a great range of individually sold cutlery sets including one of my favourite all time classics the ‘beaded’ collection, sold individually for £3.75 per piece, or £20 for six pieces. This timeless range gives an air of decadence and a touch of sparkle to the table, which let’s face it, is always welcome.

If you like to make a bold statement on your table then adding brightly coloured or patterned linen napkins will achieve this easily. Alternatively vintage liquor glasses or recycled jars filled with flowers is a great way of adding texture and a light fragrance to entice all the senses. You can be as formal or as casual as you like with your table, but whatever you do just make sure your personality comes through as your guests will be sure to remember the occasion. Oh, and if your Kylie playlist is wearing a little thin then may I recommend the ambient sounds of Hotel Costes which will elevate you to Abigail’s Party status.

Good luck, and as Julia Child once famously said ‘Bon Appetit’.


The White Company – http://www.thewhitecompany.com/home/

Utility – http://www.utilitygreatbritain.co.uk/shop

Graham & Green – http://www.grahamandgreen.co.uk/