image002-2Finally I can welcome you to my blog The Interiors LAB, a place which I like to think of my haven for everything that inspires me in the interiors world. I’m sure any of you reading that know me will be aware that I have some what of an addiction to all thinks antique, it’s not a recent ‘condition’ but one that has gradually built up over the years and one that I feel has allowed me to confirm my dream of becoming an interiors stylist working closely with the antiques industry.

Becoming a stylist was never something that crossed my mind until recently, but after numerous friends telling me that I’m a fool for not pursuing this avenue I thought maybe I should give it a go, hence the launch of The Interiors LAB. My love of collecting and buying antique furniture, porcelain, silver, paintings etc (I could go on forever) may of been passed onto me by my mother but it’s also become a huge part of my life. For years I’ve been reading the glossy interiors magazines and drooling over the stunning homes of the rich and famous whose Lapacida coffee table costs the same as a down payment for a one bed semi in highgate. I may not be able to compete with these fortunate few but it hasn’t stopped me trying to recreate Downton Abbey in my three bed rented terrace in Tufnell Park which I share with my two very accommodating friends Lucy and Rhona who are now used to coming home everyday to a new interiors vision as I like to call them. I use my home as my portfolio and canvas until those styling jobs start coming in, I’m always on the look out for beautiful antique pieces that I can incorporate into my home. I do buy a lot of furniture but believe me nothing I buy costs the earth and part of why I love doing what I do is the sourcing and thrill of getting a great deal, I have a few places I regularly visit and of course these will all be shared with you through my blog. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve heard people my age say antiques are old fashioned, stuffy and expensive, this simply isn’t the case and of course I understand that everyone’s tastes are different but if there’s one thing I would like this blog to do is make people develop an appreciation for historical design through showing how antiques and vintage can be worked into the home no matter what’s its age or style.


image004-1¬†On a recent visit to my home town Brighton I fell in love and for the first time in my life it wasn’t a man but a beautiful Danish marble top table made around 1880, it was a draw dropping moment when I stumbled across this gem in the slightly dark and cluttered Brighton Antiques Wholesalers. As I stand there admiring from afar I get pushed out of the way as someone pulls out a tape measure like a knight pulling out his sword about to go into battle, however this was one battle he really didn’t want to start . His slightly sarcastic tone in saying “excuse me I need to measure this” was the last straw, I turned to George who runs the gaff and said in a loud overpowering manner “I will take it”. The guys tape measure went flaccid as he looked up in shock aghast at my forward manner, he tried to argue but we both knew that the four legged Danish dream was coming home with me. A week later it was happily situated in the hallway of my flat and she greets me everyday when I leave and return home.